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The Riverside Vision

The Stratford Riverside Project, currently in the concept stage, is a joint partnership between landowners, Stratford on Avon District Council and Stratford Town Trust.

This once-in-a-generation project has secured £1.5 m of grant funding from the Coventry and Warwickshire Local Enterprise Partnership via the government's Getting Building Fund giving Stratford a special opportunity to create new leisure and economic opportunities, reduce congestion and improve air quality. Working closely with Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, a key pillar of the project is to protect, restore and enhance the area's rich biodiversity. By connecting the riverside from the north at Fisherman's Car Park to the south at Lucy's Mill, Stratford will have a natural green leisure corridor that will help improve the health and quality of life today and for future generations. 

A revitalised and connected riverside will provide a journey of discovery and adventure - a new public space for recreation, leisure, well-being, stories, art and nature.  Please take a look around this concept website, explore the ideas presented and tell us what excites you about this project or what concerns it might raise and why? 

This website is part of a public consultation to gather feedback on the project which will last until the 31st January 2021. The results of the feedback will be published here in February 2021.




Place Making Potential

The creation of a major new accessible public open space will deliver significant well-being benefits to both residents and visitors. The space could offer quality time in an outside natural environment and help deliver mental and physical health benefits to all. This area is a blank canvas for a special place that celebrates, nature, fitness, well-being and creativity.


What ideas would you have for this space? 

Economic Benefits

The project will help stimulate the local economy, generate jobs and support existing businesses. Creating new open spaces will help deliver more visitors to the RSC and Shakespeare Birthplace Trust and increase dwell time within the town. There are also opportunities to create new small businesses around the new leisure and recreation spaces. In a post Covid-19 economy these stimuli will be important.   

Screenshot 2020-11-19 at 08.52.31.png

Riverside North

The riverside in front of Fisherman's Car Park offers possibilities as a watersports and swimming area (as it was in the 1920s and 30s) along with pick up points for electric boat taxis going into town. The car park could be extended into the shrubland to the left of this picture to provide more parking, toilets and an electric car charging hub. Any parking revenues generated could be used to help maintain and improve the land.


What are your ideas for this area?

Riverside South

The southern area of riverside up to Lucy's Mill Bridge could have improved pedestrian and cycle crossing access, river taxi pick up and drop off points, plus picnic and barbecue areas, event and performance space and areas for children to play safely. During the Covid-19 lockdowns, Stratford became an important riverside leisure destination for many people attracted by its open spaces. Enhancing the town's 'green appeal' will further improve its allure to visitors.


The economic benefits from a revitalised southern riverside could be considerable.  


Accessibility For All

Pathways, bridges and walkways could be made wider and more accessible for all. There's currently little access into large parts of the north riverside for walkers which presents opportunities to connect up multiple pathways and create circular leisure walking routes.

Please tell us what walking routes you'd like to see here?

Tree planting, maintenance and tidying of the existing foliage could turn the Warwick Road Lands into a green corridor with unobtrusive paths, walkways and cycleways. Visitors to Stratford could walk or cycle through a new and leafy public realm.  This land has tremendous potential as an informal parkland.


Tell us what you would do to make the space special?




Caring For The environment


The Recreation Ground

The 'Rec' - as Stratfordians call it - has multiple opportunities for cycling training, natural play areas, formal sports provisions, gym apparatus, pitches and new sports club facilities along with community orchards and gardens. This area could become the heart of Stratford's leisure, sports and recreational facilities. The surrounding car parking area with its established power supply could also provide a significant amount of electric car chargers.   

Concept Landscape Design

old-lido-1_photos_v2_x4 (1).jpg


Stratford's Colourful Riverside 

 Stratford has always used its river as a place for leisure and recreation. In the early 19th century the riverside was much more well-used than it is now with a formal regatta, boat racing, and a lido. In the 1930s 'The Old Bathing Place' - the area in front of Fisherman's Car Park - was much more developed with diving boards, water chute, changing huts and a swimmer's safety boom.

If you have any photos or memories they could help uncover riverside's past and help create a public exhibition.


Electric Bike and Scooter Hire


electric Car charging Hub

Stratford would benefit from an electric charging hub to encourage EV use and help improve air quality in the town. There is potential to site EV hubs near Fisherman's Car Park and the Recreation Ground.   


Electric Bike and Scooter Hire

Zero-emission electric bike and scooter hire could give visitors and residents a clean enjoyable way of entering the town through riverside without sitting in traffic jams. 


Park & Boat...

Electric river taxis could make journeys in and out of Stratford a special event as well as helping to reduce congestion and improve air quality. River taxis could do regular runs from Fisherman's Car Park to Bancroft Gardens and back again.   

We want to know what you like about this project - but also what you don't - and what concerns you have and why? Please get in touch using the contact form below. 
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