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Consultation Feedback


As part of ongoing public engagement on the Riverside project, we shared initial concept design ideas for the scheme and invited your opinions. This consultation ran from 23rd November 2020 until 31st January 2021 and we received 515 responses from the public. Below, we’ve listed some of the key issues that arose and the results of the short website survey but to read the detailed feedback in full click the button below


Key Themes and Issues Raised

General views on the scheme

There was positivity to a certain extent, but changes to the scheme required to be fully behind it.


It was suggested that some of the plans are too formal, a more informal approach would be welcomed.


There was a general feeling of support for the Riverside South projects.

Nature, ecology and environment

There was support for the biodiversity linked projects and the benefits environmentally, especially with the climate change debate in mind.


The wild and natural aspects between the Fisherman’s Car Park and leisure centre should be maintained.


The current natural area around the Fisherman’s Car Park itself should not be damaged.


Concerns were raised about the fauna and flora in the area and the loss of natural habitat.


Extension of Fisherman’s car park

There were questions around the need to build a large car park at the Fisherman’s Car Park when the existing ones in town appear to be underutilised, particularly at the leisure centre.

The increased number 500 spaces as shown on the concept plan was questioned.


There were concerns around the access and exit of Fisherman’s Car Park given the additional traffic that would be generated by the overall scheme.


There was support for the potential of a new slip road off the Warwick Road to the back of the Leisure Centre.



The idea of more cycleways and the links up with other local paths was welcomed.



Website survey results:

A short survey was also included on the project website.

627 responses were received in the allotted timeframe.

Next steps

We’re pleased that our public engagement on the Riverside Project has raised interesting debate, new ideas and passionate views. We’ll use these initial findings to inform our planning for the next stages of the project.

Due to the detailed responses, we want to make sure we take the time to consider all responses carefully. More detailed feedback from the consultation, including all comments, will be shared by 31st March.

Our next design concept which will take in the views and opinions we’ve received will be made public by the end of May.

While plans are being explored and developed further, we’ll be working with environmental specialists to help create a detailed digital map for further planned arboricultural and biodiversity surveys to take place as soon as weather and seasons allow. We will feed back on the results of these when they are available. Keep watching the website for more updates.


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