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Ecological Surveys

You will be seeing surveyors discretely working on the riverside soon. One of the key considerations within the improvement and land management plans for the riverside scheme is to make sure that the existing ecology, land and soil are both recorded and protected. For confidence in the revised plans - produced following the consultation - its essential that the certainty of the shape, profile and condition of the existing land is documented, mapped, tested and clearly established. A topographical survey will start in early March and will be carried out in the northern area by SV Surveys. This will provide better knowledge of the existing land and help create a detailed digital map for futher planned arboricultural and biodiversity surveys to take place as soon as weather and seasons allow. Given that some of the northern area was a council tip in the 60s its important to know how this effects the area's biodiversity. A comprehensive set of surveys of the riverside land may never have been done and certainly there have been no surveys using the very latest topographical technology. Rest assured that all surveying work will create the minimum invasion and be sensitively and professional completed. We await the results of these first-ever modern technology terrain and ecology surveys with great interest.

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